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It is the aim of the HFN to offer its visitors and members up-todate, accurate and extensive information on housing finance. You can help to achieve this aim by sharing related documents and information with us - so as to make the HFN an even more valuable repository of resources. In particular, we would highly value:

You or your organisation can also become a "country mentor" being resposible for the creation and/or updating of a specific country profile. Country mentors can be mentioned by name. Their logo as well as a direct link to their homepage might be included on the respective country profile.
In order to ease your work, we have prepared two forms – an excel-datasheet for statistical data and a word-document for country profiles – that are available for download and that give you some orientation.
If you send us country profiles, publications, dissertations or articles please include the following sentence because of copyright reasons in your mail: “I hereby confirm that I am the copyright holder of this resource and I give my permission for it to be made publically available on the HFN website.” 
We thank you in advance for your help. We highly appreciate any of your efforts. 

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For helping us, simply write an email containing your information to info(at)

Forms for statistical data and country profiles

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