Bringing housing finance experts together

The HFN offers a member platform that facilitates the exchange of knowledge and experience about housing finance among registered users of the HFN. The networking features allow for easy and comfortable contact among experts around the world in order to bring the housing finance community together. Only registered members of the HFN have access to the member area.

Offering a reliable source for information and facts on housing finance

The HFN offers several profiles on the housing finance system in countries all over the world, including relevant statistical data; it discusses housing finance mechanisms and instruments as well as other topics of interest; it lists relevant events on housing finance; and – last but not least – offers a rich and intuitively usable link-library in order to gather more information. All information is open to members and non-members.

Offering a research platform  

By providing a network platform for housing finance experts around the world as well as features like discussion forums, the HFN offers a good basis for a research platform with an interdisciplinary and practice-oriented focus. In this context, the HFN offers the possibility of making research projects or dissertations available to a relevant audience who might, in turn, be able to give valuable suggestions for the progress of the project.